Travel to the Country

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
Cengkareng, Jakarta
Tel (021) 550-1764

Air Canada: : Tel (021) 371479 or (021) 376237
Air India: : Tel (021) 325470 or (021) 325534
British Airways: : Tel (021) 578-2460
British Caledonian: : Tel (021) 322849 or (021) 333423
Canadian Airlines: : Tel (021) 336521 or (021) 336573
China Airlines: : Tel (021) 570-6088
Cathay Pacific: : Tel (021) 380-6664
Delta Airlines: : Tel (021) 322008
Garuda Indonesia: : Tel (021) 588707 or (021) 588708 or (021) 588797
Japan Airlines: : Tel (021) 582758
Philippine Airlines: : Tel (021) 370108
Qantas: : (021)327707 or (021) 326707
Singapore Airlines: Tel (021) 584011
Swissair: Tel (021) 373608
Trans World Airlines: Tel (021) 337874
United Airlines: Tel (021) 361707


The only airline operating jet aircraft on domestic routes is Garuda. It has several flights daily from Jakarta to such destinations as Bali, Medan, Ujung Pandang, Manado and Yogyakarta. There are also shuttle flights to Surabaya and Semarang daily. 


A becak (pronounced baychahk) is a tricycle pedaled by a man who normally sits behind the passenger. Becaks seat between one andtwo people and are found in the cities and towns in Java. Becaks have been used for over 40 years but are slowly disappearing as motor transport takes over. Be sure to bargain with the driver before beginning your journey.

Cars and Motorcycles

There are a number of car rental agencies in Jakarta. Driving is on the left side of the road. Chauffeur-driven cars are also available, with different rates for in-town and out-of-town use. Motorcycles are also available for rent. An ojek is a motorbike hired with a driver. Ojeks can be hired by the hour or day or for individual trips.


There is an extensive bus network in Java. Buses are very useful where there is no rail service. The roads are being improved, and more modern buses are being introduced.


Ships and shipping are very important in Indonesia since the country is an island nation. Water travel is the best way to explore the islands of Indonesia. The state-owned PELNI is the biggest shipline, with services almost everywhere. There are regular schedules; the main base is at Jakarta.
PELNI Ticket Sales (Head Office)
Jalan Gajah Madah 14
Jakarta 10130
Tel (021) 343307 or (021) 361635 or (021) 344342
Fax: (021)3810341 or (021) 345605


Train services are only available throughout Java and part of Sumatra around Padang, West Sumatra, Medan in North Sumatra, South Sumatra and Lampung. The most comfortable trains are the air-conditioned "Bima" (sleeper) and "Mutiara" trains. Both these trains travel at night.